Our Key Strategies

Provide Infrastructure

Develop a network of shared facilities for companies to testbed new ideas and scale-up new products.

Build Knowledge Base

Improve access and encourage learning of food innovation knowledge

Drive Co-Innovation

Create platforms for co-innovation opportunities among food companies, research institutes and overseas innovation clusters.

Cultivate Disruptive Technologies

Develop an ecosystem to attract and groom food tech startups with innovative products or disruptive processing technologies.

“Food for Elders” – Innovation Call to Develop Elderly-Friendly Food Products

“Food for Elders” is an initiative under FoodInnovate to assist food companies in developing food products designed for elderly consumers in Singapore. Under the initiative, food companies will develop new elderly-friendly food products that can address problem statements provided by participating hospitals and nursing homes (Lead Entities). Food companies will work with innovation partners in the product development process, as well as with Lead Entities for product validation

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