Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What are the deliverables?

Companies are expected to meet the following deliverables:
  1. Complete supported cost items
  2. Successfully develop the product
Companies will need to submit a final project report at the close of the project. Companies will 
also be required to exhibit developed products at stipulated event(s). The event(s) will be
confirmed at a later date.

What are the supportable products?

The qualifying product categories include:
  • Ready meals
  • Desserts
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
Enterprise Singapore will consider other product categories on a case-by-case basis. Some examples 
  1. condiments used to supplement a meal occasion, e.g. sauces, oils
  2. processed food ingredients used in preparation of meals for the elderly, e.g.   staples, processed food
  3. food packaging

What are the non-supportable products?

Non-supportable products include:

  • Supplements that do not constitute a meal occasion
  • Food ingredients or plants with purported but unproven health benefits

What is the assistance available under the “Food for Elders” programme?

Companies can work with Lead Entities and Innovation Partners to co-develop and validate products to address elderly food needs.
If companies require financial assistance, companies can apply for Enterprise Singapore grant 
support. The items that can qualify for Enterprise Singapore grant support are:
  • Manpower
  • Consultancy cost for product development. This includes formulation to achieve desired nutrition (including cost of nutritional analysis), texture and taste; and shelf life extension
  • Consultancy cost for product packaging / packaging innovation to improve  functional properties
  • Equipment (only specialised equipment required to produce elderly-friendly feature in product prototyping and validation phase)
  • Testing and certification
  • Manufacturing costs (e.g. consumables) incurred in product prototyping and validation phase
  • Intellectual Property (IP) licensing / acquisition costs
  • Others, e.g. training

Please note that the project and qualification of cost items will be subject to Enterprise Singapore’s evaluation at the point of grant application.

My company is a non-SME. Will my company be eligible for grant support?

As per CDG guidelines, eligible companies must have at least 30% local (Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident) shareholding. The SME criteria comprise the following:

  • Company group annual sales turnover of not more than S$100 mil; OR Company group employment size of not more than 200 workers

The CDG can support up to 30% of qualifying costs for eligible non-SMEs.
Non-local companies can approach EDB and ESG for discussion on possible funding.

I am not eligible for/do not intend to obtain grant support. Can I still participate in the programme?

Yes. Without grant support, companies can still engage and work with lead entities and innovation partners for product development and product validation as part of the programme.

How to apply?

Companies that would like to take part will need to:

  • Submit brief write-up on proposed product concept on the “Food for Elders” website by 13 Jul, Fri
  • Submit CDG application with project proposal, LOI from Lead Entities (see Annex 4) and other supporting documents on the Business Grant Portal ( by 24 Aug, Fri

What do I need to prepare for my product concept write-up?

Companies are required to fill in a brief write-up on the proposed product concept. The write-up (inclusive of company background) should not exceed one page. See template for Product Concept Proposal in Annex 2.

Companies may submit more than one proposal if it wishes to develop more than one product.

What do I need to prepare for my CDG application?

You will need to prepare the following before your application:
Letter of Interest (LOI)
  • Scanned copy of signed LOI, indicating interest in your product from minimally one of the lead entities
Company information
  • Past 3 years of audited financial statements for your company
  • [If applicable] ACRA statement for parent company (retrieved not more than 6 months from application date) showing shareholding details
Project information
  • Project proposal (see project proposal template for CDG application in Annex 3 below)
  • Quotations for cost items which you will be incurring for the project
Please also note that:
  • Companies  should  not  commence  the  project  before  the  date  of application. Project commence is defined as:
    • Acceptance of quotation or entering into legally-binding contract with supplier(s)/service provider(s); or
    • Payment made to supplier/ service provider for product(s) and/or service(s) involved in the project; or
    • Execution of project scope and related works.
  • You will need to set up a CorpPass account to submit a CDG application on the Business Grant Portal. If your company has not set up a CorpPass account, you may do so at CorpPass Portal. Please ensure that you have been assigned the appropriate user access rights when submitting the CDG application on the Business Grant Portal.

Why is there a need for a Letter of Interest (LOI)?

The LOI indicates the Lead Entity’s interest in your product, and willingness to work with your company to develop and/or validate the product. The LOI should be signed by the Lead Entity that you are working with after you have confirmed their interest in your product. The signed LOI should be submitted as part of the supporting document for your CDG application.

For avoidance of doubt, the LOI is not a legal document and does not represent an agreement with you or Enterprise Singapore. The LOI also does not constitute a guarantee of procurement from your company after the product is successfully developed.

Am I able to work with a lead entity or innovation partner who is not on the list provided?

Yes, we only need to ensure that companies have obtained the necessary expertise to conduct New Product Development. If you would like to engage a lead entity or innovation partner not currently stated, please contact Enterprise Singapore for discussion.

Am I able to develop the product without an innovation partner if I have strong in-house expertise?

We strongly recommend for companies to engage an innovation partner to ensure that companies have sufficient expertise to conduct New Product Development successfully. However, if you have significant in-house expertise and would not benefit from engaging an innovation partner, please contact Enterprise Singapore for discussion.

My proposed product concept does not fall within any of the problem statements. Am I still eligible to take part in the initiative?

We strongly recommend for companies to develop products that will address the problem statements listed, as there is greater assurance of demand for these products from lead entities. However, we note that there could be ideas that do not fall within the purview of the problem statements, such as food thickeners. If you have a proposed product concept that does not fall within any of the problem statements, please contact Enterprise Singapore for discussion.