Resource Partners

If you are seeking expertise for your food innovation project, you may wish to contact FoodInnovate resource partners to find out how they can assist you:

Innovation Expertise

CNRC conducts research and human nutrition studies to deliver new and innovative solutions catered to the Asian population, to enhance health and wellbeing. Key focus areas include prevention and management of obesity and Type II diabetes.  
Food companies may work with Royal DSM, a functional ingredient supplier to leverage its knowhow in nutrition science and its application facilities in Singapore to co-innovate for new functional food products.
FIRC provides technical expertise in new product and process development including packaging, shelf life, sensory evaluation, automation and market testing. Food companies can also conduct trials using FIRC's pilot-plant scale processing equipment that can be found on its website.
Food companies may engage KH Roberts for flavour creation and application support in the product development process by accessing its flavour specialists at its integrated manufacturing facility.
The Centre for Functional Food & Human Nutrition (CFFHN) examines therapeutic benefits of functional ingredients and translates them into development of new functional food. Companies may also access the processing equipment for baking, fermentation, meat, beverage and minimally processed food (fresh produce) in NYP.
Starting from an education partnership with Wageningen University & Research, NTU Food Science and Technology has developed novel processing technologies, in particular for valorisation of food waste, to enhance food security and reduce environmental impact.
Food companies may engage NUS Food Science & Technology for joint research or new product development projects with the students and faculty members. Companies may also access processing and analytical equipment on a rental basis. Visit its website for the list of equipment.
RP's functional food formulation lab, Nu3Lab, supports food companies in the formulation, sensory evaluation and processing to develop food with health benefits. Through joint projects with the polytechnic, the RP-Wilmar Innovation Centre offers companies access to technical expertise on food application and product testing.
With a focus on elderly nutrition, companies may partner with SIT to develop functional food for the elders, optimise food processing and scale up. SIT also has capability in food characterisation for food safety and product development.
TP houses a Centre of Innovation for Complementary Health Products (CHP) that offers accredited chemical, microbiological and Glycemic Index (GI) testing by the Glycemic Index Research Unit. Its Centre for Applied Nutrition Services supports development of low GI products to optimise health for disease prevention.


Warehouse Logistics Net Asia (WLNA) is the operator of the HPP resource sharing facility in Singapore. Food companies may may engage WLNA’s HPP tolling service and its full suite of logistics services such as cold chain storage, distribution and export of food products.
NQAC specializes in a range of accredited analytical testing services such as chemical contaminants, gluten and toxins. Companies may engage NQAC to test their products prior to launching them into the market.


Food companies with specific innovation or technology challenges may approach IPI to scout for suitable solutions from its global network of technology partners and marketplaces.